Skill Development Activities & Training Plan

The below Individual Skill Development Activites and Physical Training Plan have been designed to support our members, affilfiated clubs and the registered players across BC!

The Individual Skill Development Activities have been designed for registered players of all ages and abilities. The focus is to provide registered players with fun and challenging activities that can be performed at home to complement their team practice and games schedule. The activities include, controlling the ball, dribbling with the ball, passing the ball, juggling with the ball and catching the ball.

The only thing needed is a ball, a small safe place to practice and sometimes an obstacle to dribble around or a surface to pass the ball against. We encourage adapting these activities to meet the needs of age and ability as well as to invent new ways to keep active with the ball.

To view these activities please click on the videos below.






The Physical Training Plan has been designed in consultation with the Canadian Sports Institute for registered players aged U15 and above. The focus is to provide players with a number of physical exercises that can be performed at away from the field during their off season to assist with players maintaining and improving their physical fitness in preparation for the start of the season. The training plan is designed for a six week period and includes exercises for, Endurance, Speed and Strength.  

To view these exercises, as well guidance on how and when to implement these exercises, please click on the Training Plan presentation and videos below.

CLICK HERE to view BC Soccer's 6 Week Training Plan

Endurance Exercises

Speed Exercises  

Strength Exercises