Request to Host a Course

BC Soccer is pleased to offer Member Organizations and Affiliate Clubs the opportunity to ensure that their coaches can receive the age appropriate soccer training within the Canada Soccer Coach Education Program pathway. Organizations can successfully manage, monitor and deliver coach training to their coaches with BC Soccer’s following recommendations once you have appointed your coaches to your programs/teams for the season:

  1. Create an updated database to keep track of the certifications levels your coaches have already obtained or still require completing based on the age group(s) they coach. Please refer to the BC Soccer coach certifications list.
  2. Communicate with your coaches about how they can obtain the respective coach training they require by completing the online theory component (Part 1) and then registering for the on-field practical workshop (Part 2) you will be hosting during the season. For more details, please refer to this link.
  3. Coordinate the dates and times with your ‘In-Club’ BC Soccer Learning Facilitator to request hosting the on-field workshops you need to deliver to your coaches. Please access the BC Soccer’s course management system and log into your host account to request a workshop. 

NOTE: If you don’t have an ‘In-Club’ BC Soccer Learning Facilitator for your organization yet, now is your chance to designate one to become trained through the Learning Facilitator Program and application process. In the meantime, BC Soccer can request one from another club, but their availability may not be guaranteed. All workshops must have a Learning Facilitator confirmed to deliver the workshop prior to being open for registration.

For more information regarding the on-field delivery format, host requirements, booking requests, fees and payment process, please click here



BC Soccer Certification Database is a listing of all coaches who have completed various courses delivered by BC Soccer. This database is updated monthly and organizations can cross reference their coach certification compliance with this tool. For all other records of coaching levels, please contact Canada Soccer directly

NCCP records coaching status through their database called The Locker. BC Soccer does not issue nor track NCCP coaching card numbers or provide access to The Locker database.  For questions relating to NCCP transcripts, please contact the Coaches Association of Canada directly.