Update on BC Soccer Regional Tier Three League Initiative

Posted on May 1st, 2017 by BC Soccer

One of BC Soccer’s Strategic Plan objectives is to introduce a professionally administered adult amateur soccer league by 2019.  With the culmination of three years of gathering information, feedback and research from other similar leagues/environments within Canada and Washington, who offer a semi-professional level of play, BC Soccer eagerly looks to fill this gap recognizing it being an under serviced area of our game in BC.

In January 2017, BC Soccer was pleased to introduce the next stage of these developments and presented an open call for Franchise applications to individuals and/or organizations to apply for a Franchise Holder License for such a league to kick off in the spring of 2018. Unfortunately, based on the limited number of applications received, BC Soccer confirms there will not be a RT3 League launched in 2018.  BC Soccer certainly hopes that there will be more interest so a league of this nature can be introduced in BC to support this level of play in 2019 or 2020.

As the governing body is the provincial sport governing body responsible for the governance, promotion, and development of the game of soccer in British Columbia, BC Soccer will endeavor to revisit this initiative and in the meantime, extend an open opportunity for additional parties to review the documentation provided and submit any interest over time.  In addition to this, if you are an organization who may consider even facilitating a league of this nature, BC Soccer would be pleased to hear from you.

The RT3 League concept is a platform for adult soccer within the LTPD stage 6 of ‘Training to Win’ designed to be in a standards-based high performance environment for potential professional and national team players. Its purpose is also to create a league that will support and assist with the transition from youth to adult soccer. Although this current initiative is for male players only, it embraces the potential of expansion to a female league in the future.

  • Support Canada Soccer’s “Player First Mentality” and Long Term Development Strategy
  • Work in harmony with existing adult and high performance youth league structures
  • Provide an elevated level of competition for adult high performance players in British Columbia
  • Advocate an enhanced standards-based soccer environment

On behalf of BC Soccer, we would like to thank those individuals and organizations who took the time to submit their interest and we encourage further interest from others.

For more information about this initiative please read the RT3 Information Package and the RT3 Operations Manual and Technical Standards reference documents.


For general inquiries about the RT3 League initiative please contact