Soccer Is For Life, Not Just For Youth

Love playing the “Beautiful Game” and want to stay involved with soccer?

You have been playing soccer for a number of years and your last games in youth soccer are fast approaching. What do you do now and how can you stay involved in the game as a player.  Soccer is for life, not just for youth.

As you graduate and head off to university, college, or move into the workplace, there is still soccer for you to enjoy!  With more than 20,000 men and women playing all levels of adult soccer throughout the province of British Columbia there’s a league and team that will perfectly suit your ability and schedule.

As a Graduating Youth player there are number of options available to you to so you can continue to play the “Beautiful Game”. BC Soccer and its members are here to assist you with a positive transition from Youth to Adult soccer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a level of Adult Soccer for me in BC?

Adult soccer is arranged and managed through leagues, clubs and individual teams. There is a level of soccer for every player and team interested in playing within BC’s adult leagues!

How do I get more information and who do I contact if I want to play in an Adult League?

To learn more about Adult Leagues across the province and how to get involved, please visit BC Soccer’s “Directory of Membership” for more information and contact detail’s for the respective leagues.

Can my team join an Adult League as a team?

If your team wants join an Adult League you may do so as a new team. See the membership directory for contact details to gain more information and how you may join as a team.

Keep on playing soccer! Continue to be involved with the sport you love!

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