Retreat Line for all U13 Playing Environments, Short Term Player Permits & Notice to Reader Financial Statements Approved

BC Soccer Membership approves to implement Retreat Line for all U13 playing environments in BC, Short Term Player Permits along with the requirement of Notice to Reader Financial Statements Annually

Vancouver BC, June 16, 2016 – The BC Soccer Annual General Meeting was held on June 11, 2016. During the Annual General Meeting there were various amendments, approved by the membership, to the Rules and Regulations.

BC Soccer would like to specifically highlight 3 amendments being the:

1. Implementing the Retreat Line for all U13 age divisions and all U13 playing environments across British Columbia.

The U13 Retreat Line is a development tool that assists with the development of players, technically and as a team, tactically. It is currently implemented within all Small-sided Under 12 and below playing environments. To see the guidelines for implementing the Retreat line into Under 13 age group playing environments please read the U13 Retreat Ling Guidelines which can be found here: 

“Implementing the Retreat line the last few years for U12 and below along with U13 in the BCSPL has shown a number of developmental benefits as it has encouraged more possession of the ball through the thirds of the field as well as it has allowed players to practice appropriate dispersal,” said Chris Cerroni, Director of Soccer Development. “We are really pleased to see this rule change as it is a great development tool for both the individual player as well as teams as a whole.”

Benefits of Implementing the Retreat Line include:

  • The use of the retreat line for Under 13 players transitioning to eleven-a-side soccer increases the number of passing sequences and frequency of the ball advancing beyond the middle third from a goal kick.
  • The space generated by the retreat line allows players to practice appropriate dispersal, which enables supporting movement into channels to help advance the ball out of the defensive and middle thirds of the field. Also, the space provides opportunities for goalkeepers to be more involved with and to practice their distribution.
  • The time generated by the retreat line allows the attaching team’s players the opportunity to receive and play the ball into their teammates. This allows for players to repeatedly receive the ball with less pressure which enhances the opportunity of three or more passes.

The implementation of the retreat line within U13 playing environments take effect for the 2016/2017 coastal season and for the 2017 interior season.

If you or any of your affiliate members have any questions regarding the implementation of the retreat line please contact: Chris Cerroni, Director of Soccer Development at

2. In addition to the above, amoungst other notable amendments was the membership approval of the requirement for all Youth Districts, Adult Leagues and their youth affiliate clubs to have Notice to Read financial statements completed on an annual basis.  By having this now in play within the over overarching BC Soccer bylaws, participants (and families) who register within soccer have the assurance each BC Soccer member and affiliate has appropriate measures to ensure financial responsibility.

3. At the AGM the membership also approved rule amendments to introduce the BC Soccer Short Term Player Permit.  These amendments enable member organizations the ability to permit individuals whom are otherwise not registered with BC Soccer via a Youth District Association or Adult League to participate solely in sanctioned tournament or exhibition / friendly matches.  Players who are permitted are not registered players with BC Soccer nor can they participate in any sanctioned youth or adult league, including cup competitions. 

*BC Soccer is currently working to develop the process to administer BC Soccer Short Term Player Permits and will update the membership in due course.  Thank you for your patience. 

For more information on the updated Bylaws and Rule Amendments including the please see the 2016 AGM - Bylaw, Constitution, Rules and Regulations updates posting.

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