Referee Refresher Clinics will now be available on-line

As soccer remains under suspension, and with many officials supporting our Health Authorities by staying home, the time is right to offer on-line refreshers.   

Friday April 3rd, 2020 - Vancouver BC

Every year referees who officiate full-sided games are required to attend a Refresher Clinic, typically held in person and delivered by a BC Soccer Referee Instructor. During these Refresher Clinics, referees review updates to the Laws of the Game in a classroom setting and then complete an on-field fitness (beep) test. In years where there are fewer updates to the Laws of the Game, the Refresher Clinic also reviews topical or more challenging calls (hand ball, offside, etc.) 

(There were several new IFAB law changes within this past year, and we’ve provided a very simple summary here)

Once a referee has registered for and attends the Refresher Clinic they are re-certified and will maintain their registered status into the next calendar year.

While soccer across the country remains suspended, and with so many of our officials supporting our health authorities by staying home, we are pleased to have been able to introduce the refresher course on-line in preparation for resumption of play. 

This is particularly important for the Thompson Okanagan, Kootenay/Rockies, and Northern BC regions, which would traditionally be starting their seasons by now. 

Working in conjunction with the developers at E2E, we’ve managed to implement an Online Refresher clinic in RefCentre so referees can re-certify, maintain their “registered” referee status and be ready officiate as soon as we can get back on the pitch.

This Online Refresher goes through the same Refresher Clinic material that was presented in class (for referees on the Coast during the late Summer and Fall of 2019) in 4 modules. The referee watches a video before answering approximately 6 questions pertaining to the Laws of the Game. The referee must get all the answers correct before moving on to the next module; however, they can re-do the module as many times as necessary.

Once we are able to return to the pitch, we will be working with local Head Referees and Instructors to facilitate the fitness test component for our officials.

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