Judgement and Reasons of the Supreme Court

Sportstown B.C. Holdings LTD and Total Soccer Systems (TSS) v. British Columbia Soccer Association

Vancouver, BC November 8, 2013 – BC Soccer received the Judgment and Reasons of the Supreme Court issued by The Honourable, Mr. Justice Sigurdson on 5th November 2013 in relation to the various Sportstown B.C. Holdings Ltd. and Total Soccer Systems (TSS) civil court claims against BC Soccer.

The judgment dismissed in their entirety all of the claims advanced by Sportstown/TSS against BC Soccer in the initial Notice of civil claim some 18 months ago on the grounds that the claims were bound to fail and determined that BC Soccer is entitled to some costs.

The judge granted leave to TSS to file an amended Notice of Civil Claim alleging that BC Soccer breached its contract with TSS. The contract between BC Soccer and TSS arises from TSS’s status as a member of BC Soccer and the terms of that contract are set out in the Bylaws and Rules.  No facts to support the alleged breaches have been presented by TSS and the judge has therefore not ruled if the claims have any merit. TSS has the right to pursue and file a more specific amended civil claim in relation to the alleged ‘breaches of contract’ by BC Soccer at which time BC Soccer will consider and will have the right to respond accordingly.

BC Soccer will continue to update members and the soccer community at the appropriate times

For complete Reasons of Judgement click HERE

About BC Soccer

BC Soccer is the provincial sport governing body responsible for the promotion and development of the game in British Columbia. The professional not-for-profit society is committed to developing the game by inspiring British Columbians to lifelong active, inclusive and team play. Its vision is to pursue Canada’s foremost integrated soccer development system built upon club, school, varsity and professional team excellence.

BC Soccer is comprised of 150 member Clubs, Districts and Leagues, spanning more than 120,000 registered players, over 2,500 referees, and thousands of coaches and other volunteer administrators and soccer leaders. Working with these member Clubs, Districts and Leagues, BC Soccer will operate under the guiding principles of Professional Leadership, Passionate Service and Progressive Collaboration. In managing its relationships throughout the larger soccer community, BC Soccer will promote the integral soccer values of authenticity, unity and integrity.


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