High Performance Program Dates Announced

Vancouver BC, October 18, 2016 - BC Soccer’s 2016 High Performance Program (HPP) which is designed to support the EA Sports BCSPL along with Whitecaps FC Residency and BC REX Programs, will continue with the third camp of 2016. The HPP will continue to provide a platform for high-performance youth players to be assessed by both those of Whitecaps FC and Canada Soccer programs.

BC Soccer and the EA Sports BC Soccer Premier League have been building stronger partnerships with Canada Soccer and the Vancouver Whitecaps FC and these changes to the High Performance Programming will assist in creating a clearer player pathway in BC that connects all of these organizations. BC Soccer's HPP is scheduled around the BCSPL with the 2016 program allowing for better collaboration with the EA Sports BCSPL Technical Directors and Coaches for player assessments and overall improved player development.  The program will also create more opportunities for EA Sports BCSPL players and will give them the best possible environment for player identification by Canada Soccer and Vancouver Whitecaps FC.

The BC Soccer High Performance Program also offers a great opportunity for the EA Sports BCSPL Coaches to be identified and invited to be a part of the program. This identification helps coaches along the coaching pathway while also offering additional coaching opportunities for those in the High performance stream.

The 2016 BC Soccer High Performance Programming will be for 2001/2002/2003/2004 born players. The 2004 age group will involve 36 male and 36 female players with the 2001/2002/2003 programs consisting of 18 male and 18 female players per age group (please note that numbers may vary based on age group and camp). Matches throughout the program will be played against teams from Vancouver Whitecaps FC and Alberta Soccer Associations Provincial Programs.

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Player announcements for this programming will be announced in November 2016.
For more information on BC Soccer’s High Performance Programming please contact BC Soccer High Performance Pathway Officer Luca Dalla Pace ( or