Governance Committee Requests Bylaw and / or Rule Change Submissions 2017

Attention BC Soccer Membership,

In accordance with BC Soccer Bylaw Article 7, Section 1(b), BC Soccer’s Governance Committee is now requesting submissions of proposed bylaw and rule amendments for consideration at BC Soccer’s 2017 Annual General Meeting.

Transition to new Societies Legislation

In follow up to the communication sent to the membership and posted on BC Soccer’s website October 20th, 2016, BC Soccer’s Society Act Transition Committee has continued its work with BC Soccer’s legal counsel to bring BC Soccer’s bylaws into alignment with the new Act. While no amendments of concern have arisen, there are a number of modifications (most of them housekeeping) and a slight re-ordering of the bylaws; therefore, BC Soccer’s updated bylaws will be presented to the membership as a whole at the 2017 AGM.

With that in mind, should a member have a proposed bylaw amendment, it will be included and highlighted in the revised draft presented at the AGM. Notably, proposed Rule amendments will be still be presented similar to past practice.

Bylaw Article 7, Section 1(b) states:

Proposed amendments or additions to the Constitution and Bylaws will only be considered if submitted, in writing, to BC Soccer by an affiliated Adult League/Youth District, or by the Board of Directors of BC Soccer.  Notice of motion of the proposed changes or amendments must be received by BC Soccer at least forty-five (45) days prior to any general meeting.  Adult League/Youth Districts in membership shall be circulated with copies of all proposed amendments or changes at least thirty (30) days prior to the General Meeting.

Based on the above, please submit any proposed bylaw or rule amendments to BC Soccer by end of day April 26, 2017.

Proposed amendments to the bylaws and/or rules must include the following:

  • Bylaw Article / Rule number and sub numbering (if applicable)
  • Current wording of the Bylaw Article / Rule
  • Proposed new specific wording (highlighting specific wording is a minor amendment suggestion)
  • A detailed RATIONALE for the addition and/or change including the intent of the addition / change

Please submit all proposed Bylaw and/or Rule amendment to the attention Ryan McQuillan, Member Services Coordinator per the details below:


Ryan McQuillan, Member Services Coordinator


Phone: 604.299.6401 etc. 2355

Address: 250 - 3410 Lougheed Highway, Vancouver, BC, V5M 2A4         

Update: Youth District, Adult League and Club bylaw templates

In addition, the October 20th, 2016 communication stated that BC Soccer would be providing updated Constitution & Bylaw templates for its members and their affiliated clubs. BC Soccer is pleased to say that these will be made available with appropriate User Guides in the coming months.