EA Sports BC Soccer Premier League announces enhanced development opportunities built into upcoming fall 2014 league play

Vancouver, BC – August 19, 2014
Building on the success of the first 3 years of play, the BC Soccer Premier League is pleased to announce numerous enhanced fall development opportunities within its league structure.

For 2014, not only will the Northwest League Champions Cup return in December with the match-up of the BCSPL League Cup Champions playing a one-off Championship match against Washington State’s RCL Champions, but the top 4 teams from the U13 spring (phase 1) standings will be playing in a cross-border development exhibition schedule with the top clubs in the Far West Regional League. This will see the 4 BCSPL boys and girls U13 (2001) teams competing against US U14 teams throughout the fall and winter, with those teams participating from Washington, Oregon and Idaho. With these games taking place up and down the coast between Vancouver and Portland, this is an important and exciting step forward to create further development opportunities in the Northwest region with strong US clubs.

Another exciting addition for 2014 is the redesign of the BCSPL League Cup overall. In the previous 2 years, the top team from phase 1 league play had matched up with the top team from phase 2 league play for the League Cup Championship in November. For 2014, the full fall phase of play from September through November has become the League Cup in itself. All divisions will have round robin group play followed by seeded playoffs to culminate in a League Cup final for each group. Not only does this give more meaning to the fall season, but it also creates a unique dynamic to assist with player development. In the past, if a team lost their first two or three fall games, there might have been more pressure for a coach and team to get a win over maintaining a strong focus on player development and a positive style of play. In the new format, a team could lose more than they win in round robin play, but still end up as League Cup Champions. For a coach teaching the right way to play and building in development initiatives as the priority over results, this might alleviate the pressure to win every game.

As already announced by BC Soccer, there will be a retreat line implemented in the U13 BCSPL intake groups (2002 born boys and girls). These teams will play each other once to reach 7 games each, followed by a U13 intake jamboree on November 8/9 hosted by Fusion FC. The rationale behind the retreat line is that it will promote young players during goal kicks to improve their ability to play out from the back rather than kicking the ball away from their goal and down field.

For the full BCSPL Opening Weekend Schedule please CLICK HERE

About the EA Sports BC Soccer Premier League

The EA SPORTS BC Soccer Premier League was designed to create a new high performance level of competition and support player development at the Provincial, Professional and National team level. It will simplify scouting of top young players, provide an elevated level of competition and increase the chance for players fulfilling their potential and creates a dynamic commercial property at the pinnacle of youth soccer in BC.
For information about EA Sports BC Soccer Premier League, visit or contact:
Matt Holbrook
General Manager, BC Soccer Premier

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