Candace Brown and Jasmain Parr invited to join Canada Soccer's National List of Assistant Referees

Jasmain Parr from the Okanagan and Candace Brown from the Lower Mainland were both invited after being assessed at the Canada Soccer Club National Championships

Vancouver BC, November 28, 2016 - The two BC Soccer referees, Jasmain Parr and Candace Brown, attended Canada Soccer’s club national championships in 2016 with aspirations of making the list of Canada Soccer National Referees.  Throughout the tournament all referees were assessed on their on-field performance; specifically, Candace and Jasmain were assessed for possible inclusion on Canada Soccer’s National List of Assistant Referees on criteria such as match control and Assistant Referee technique.

Now accepted by the Canadian Soccer Association’s Referee Committee as National Assistant Referees both Candace and Jasmain will have to complete and pass a fitness test conducted in January 2017 to complete the final stage of their upgrade.

"It is an incredible honor becoming a national level Assistant Referee and I really look forward to continuing to work hard and take on some new and exciting challenges," said Jasmain Parr.  "I can't thank my fellow referees, BC Soccer, and the Canadian Soccer Association enough for their continued support."

The pair are also invited to Canada Soccer’s pre-season camp that will take place in February 2017. Here they will learn more about their role and expectations as a national level referee both on and off the field.

“It is a surreal feeling having reached this level” said Candace Brown. “It makes me reflect on all of the experiences, on and off the field, that have led to this achievement and I look forward to the opportunity to challenge myself at this next level.  I greatly appreciate the support that BC Soccer and Canada Soccer have provided along the way, as well as, the many individuals that have helped make this possible.”

Following their fitness testing and pre-season camp, Jasmain and Candace will be able to officiate professional soccer matches in an Assistant Referee capacity within Canada and in the future, will be considered for top level University matches and/or Major League Soccer matches.

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