BC Soccer's Membership and Public Survey: Results Update

BC Soccer would like to thank the 2,100 people who completed the surveys, both of which highlighted Coach Education and Provincial Cups as Important areas of focus

Vancouver BC August 19, 2014 – BC Soccer would like to thank the more than 2,100 people from all across British Columbia who completed BC Soccer Surveys. BC Soccer distributed two surveys in the fall of 2013; one specific for members (Youth District Chairs and Adult League Presidents), and the other for the general public.  The surveys provided incredible insights into many aspects of BC Soccer and soccer in the province and two areas that were highlighted in both surveys were coach education and improving Provincial Championships.  

“We can’t thank the 2,100 people enough for taking the time to complete the survey,” said Roger Barnes BC Soccer President. “It was wonderful to hear the feedback from our members and the wider soccer community as it confirmed that we were focusing on areas that are important to our stakeholders and we look forward to continuing to build on these areas moving forward. Furthermore, it’s amazing to see all areas of British Columbia represented from those who filled out the survey including Northern British Columbia, the Interior, and Vancouver Island.”

Although coach education was a focus of BC Soccer prior to the survey they were able to increase the coach education offerings as the survey results showed that BC Soccer members and the public felt that coach education was extremely important to the development of the game in British Columbia. Since the Survey was conducted BC Soccer has offered many initiatives in coach education including offering free Learn To Train and Fundamentals coaching courses from January until March of 2014. The free courses offerings resulted in a 290% increase (over last year) in the number of coaches completing the coaching courses.  BC Soccer has also mandated coach education courses for all youth coaches in British Columbia by 2016 and has cut the cost of the Fundamentals Coaching courses by 50%. 

“With more than 100,000 youth soccer players in British Columbia coach education has always been an important focus for us at BC Soccer and I was extremely pleased to see how important our members and the general public felt it was,” said Rob Csabai, Manager of Coaching Development at BC Soccer. “At this year’s Annual General Meeting a rule was passed that requires all youth head coaches to complete age specific coaching courses by 2016 and this is an incredible step towards youth development in soccer.”

The findings of the surveys affirmed that BC Soccer’s considerable additions to the Provincial Cups in 2014 were on par with what their membership wanted.  The upgrades added tremendous value to all of the players, teams, coaches and parents involved in the BC Soccer Provincial Championships.  This year increased branding was present throughout all of the Provincial Championships and for the first time ever BC Soccer was able to live stream both the Men’s and Women’s Adult Provincial Championships.  2014 was also the first year that the BC Soccer Provincial Cups had their own specific website where results, standings, and information pertaining to that specific provincial cup were located.

Although Coach Education and Provincial Championships were the main highlights from the survey other areas were also clearly relevant to BC Soccer’s members and the public, including Insurance and Governance related items. As a result one of the actions that BC Soccer has taken is to require that all Youth Districts and Adult Leagues must become registered non-profit societies by December 31, 2015, and all clubs that affiliate with youth districts must also be not for profit registered societies. BC Soccer has also updated their constitutional bylaw templates to have two, one for full member adult leagues and youth districts and another for their for soccer clubs.  Along with improvements to the bylaw templates BC Soccer has completed a Conflict of Interest template for all members.  These improvements will assist in providing a more consistent and transparent governance model throughout British Columbia.  For more information on the BC Soccer’s Rules and Bylaw please visit:
For more information of the two updated Constitutional Bylaw templates and the Conflict of Interest template please click here:

The survey also highlighted some areas in which BC Soccer needed to improve upon including:  Building public awareness around Long Term Player Development and with 67% of people unaware of the Free Grassroots Coaching Courses Offered by BC Soccer improving communications surrounding coaching courses will be something BC Soccer will be focusing on moving forward.

“It is amazing to see so many people engaged with soccer in this Province and we are very pleased to receive so much feedback that helps direct the BC Soccer Strategic Plan,” said Paul Mullen, Executive Director of BC Soccer.  “From the results of the survey we were able to quickly implement initiatives that focused on areas the public and our membership felt were important.

To learn more about all the coaching courses offered by BC Soccer please visit:

For more information on BC Soccer’s Provincial Championships please visit:

To see BC Soccer’s 2012-2015 Strategic Plan please visit:

About BC Soccer

BC Soccer is the provincial sport governing body responsible for the promotion and development of the game in British Columbia. The professional not-for-profit society is committed to developing the game by inspiring British Columbians to lifelong active, inclusive and team play. Its vision is to pursue Canada’s foremost integrated soccer development system built upon club, school, varsity and professional team excellence.

BC Soccer is comprised of 150 member Clubs, Districts and Leagues, spanning more than 120,000 registered players, over 2,500 referees, and thousands of coaches and other volunteer administrators and soccer leaders. Working with these member Clubs, Districts and Leagues, BC Soccer will operate under the guiding principles of Professional Leadership, Passionate Service and Progressive Collaboration. In managing its relationships throughout the larger soccer community, BC Soccer will promote the integral soccer values of authenticity, unity and integrity.

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