BC Soccer Supports Physical Literacy

Vancouver, BC - BC Soccer is pleased to introduce the Physical Literacy Movement Preparation Training and Coach Workshops. All member organizations and affiliated soccer clubs are encouraged to host a workshop for all coaches who work with young children in the developmental age groups.

Physical Literacy Movement Preparation is an effective training program performed as a warm up before practices and games to enhance performance and durability.  Movement preparation not only prepares the body for movement, it also improves the way we move, reducing the risk of injury during physical activity and builds skills necessary for performance often neglected during regular training.

This benefits children because they are developing physical literacy.

  • Children become better movers and better athletes
  • Children strengthen their bodies through increased participation in physical activity
  • Children prepare their muscles for immediate activity and develop the skills and confidence to safely participate in unfamiliar activities
  • Children acquire the skills, confidence, and motivation to overcome challenges.

Participants complete two e-learning modules in preparation for a facilitator lead in-person practical peer teaching session supported by instructional materials.  This training will better prepare the participant to assist in the development of better movement skills in their athletes through a developing physical literacy approach.

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Sport for Life, in partnership with Canada Soccer has launched a new blended learning approach for the delivery of the Physical Literacy Movement Preparation Program.  As part of the FIFA Women's World Cup Canada 2015™ Legacy and with the financial assistance of the Public Agency of Canada, Sport for Life is working to coordinate workshops in British Columbia and is seeking community partners to host the on-field portion of the workshop.

Sport for Life and Canada Soccer will support the workshop with the following:

  • Cover the costs of the workshop facilitator
  • Workshop materials – coaching cue cards for all workshop participants
  • One agility ladder to be distributed to a workshop participant through a draw or as a leave behind for the local host
  • Provision of online registration platform - please note all participants will be required to complete two e-Learning modules in advance of in-person session


  • E-learning
    • A new e-learning option has been developed to replace the classroom portion of each workshop.  This allows the workshop to be delivered entirely on-field or in-gym, reducing the total instructional time to 3 hours as coaches will have completed the e-learning modules prior to the on-field or in-gym session
    • Until December 2019, both modules will be offered at no cost (to Canadians)
    • Both modules are automatically added to a participants account profile when they register for an in-person workshop via our CAMPUS site
  • In-person Workshops
    • Hosting workshops can be requested by way of the "Host a Workshop" link. 
    • Sport for Life is providing increased coordination support to facilitate the delivery of workshops.  For questions and also to request to host a workshop, hosts can connect directly with Nick Hastie.
    • Once the date, time and location are finalized, I will provide the workshop host a digital flyer for electronic distribution to potential participants.
      • As needed, workshop materials will be shipped either to the local host or to the assigned facilitator to bring with them.
      • Post workshop, I will reach out to workshop facilitators to gather attendance and gender breakdown for reporting purpose.

Thanks to the generous support of the Public Health Agency of Canada and Canada Soccer, it is possible to host a workshop in your community.  Through funding from the FIFA Women's World Cup Canada 2015™ Legacy, local organisations can host FIFA 11+ Injury Prevention Warm-Up and Sport for Life’s Physical Literacy Movement Preparation coach workshops at no cost.

Please look to request to host a workshop and download this Workshop Poster.

If you have any questions, please email

About the Sport for Life Society and Physical Literacy for Life

Two organizations have collaborated to deliver – Sport for Life Society, a national non-profit, and Physical Literacy for Life, a charitable organization. This website is meant to inform you about programs, partnerships, projects, best practices, research, leading-edge innovations, and opportunities within the physical literacy movement. Sport for Life has three key outcomes: physical literacy development, excellence in sport, and a Canadian population that is active for life. Physical Literacy for Life has been established to combat the issue of decreased physical activity, and the many diseases and health issues caused by inactivity. Through education, research, and the impact of innovative projects, Physical Literacy for Life inspires kids and families to live healthier, more physically active lives.

About BC Soccer

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