BC Soccer Scholarship Program returns in similar fashion to 2020

Scholarship application process will once again include video submission and on-line recognition

March 15, 2021 - Vancouver BC 

Although this past year has been unprecedented and challenging on everyone, particularly our High School Graduating class of 2021, we are please to announce the return of our annual scholarship program.   BC Soccer, along with its generous donors, felt it was appropriate to carry on with the tradition in order to support our graduating students within BC Soccer's membership who are seeking to continue their studies in post-secondary institutions.

Last year, we received a record amount of applications. Similar to 2020, this year's applicants will submit a video as part of their application which will provide BC Soccer's Selection Committee with insights to our candidate's personalities, their relationship with soccer and their vocational goals.  You'll find all the successful applicant's video submissions on BC Soccer's YouTube channel, demonstrating some impressive production techniques and creativity.  We've also embedded some of them here:  

WATCH: Last year's successful candidate Bryton Gaudet:

WATCH: Last year's successful candidate Brandt Muncey-Buckley

WATCH Last year's successful candidate Aubrey Sparvier

Scholarship recipients and donors will be recognized by having their videos shared on-line in lieu of the Scholarship Luncheon.   

See the full application criteria, learn tips on creating a great video and submit your scholarship application HERE

The BC Soccer Scholarship Program has been awarding high school graduates with bursaries for over 15 years.  in 2020, over $30,000 was generously donated to our 16 recipients.  

See the list of 2020 Scholarship Recipients HERE


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