BC Soccer Referees Attend Dr Pepper Dallas Cup Tournament

Mo Mohseni, Carly Shaw-MacLaren, Cole Shoemaker, Nirvair Grewal, and Matt Notley referee at the Dr Pepper Dallas Cup!


Vancouver BC, April 26, 2017 – For the tenth year in a row BC Soccer was pleased to support 5 referees at the Dr Pepper Dallas Cup tournament which ran from April 9-16, 2017. Mo Mohseni, Carly Shaw-MacLaren, Cole Shoemaker, Nirvair Grewal, and Matt Notley all took part in the competition as a part of their development working towards possible inclusion into the national program.

“Refereeing at such an elite international tournament is an incredible experience for these young referees and it offers a wonderful opportunity for education in an intense tournament environment,” said Jose Branco, BC Soccer Referee Development Coordinator.

As a part of the event, each referee is assigned to matches during the preliminary rounds of the tournament and based on their performances, is further assigned to the knock rounds and final matches. “All five of the BC Soccer referees did an incredible job at the Dallas Cup and it was a pleasure to work with them throughout the competition,” said BC Soccer Referee Assessor, Bob Sawtell, who accompanied the group. Participating at the Dr Pepper Dallas Cup provides BC Soccer referees with mentorship and detailed debriefings, which include video analysis, from some of the top referee instructors and assessors in the world.

Additionally, BC Soccer’s referees attended the Dallas Cup CONCACAF Symposium, a series of in-classroom education sessions delivered by Brian Hall, CONCACAF Director of Refereeing, and FIFA Instructors Peter Pendergrass and Alan Brown; this year’s topics focused on the expectations of CONCACAF top referees as well as fouls, misconduct and the interpretation within the Laws of the Game. The referees also took part in four on-field training sessions lead by Peter Pendergrass and Alan Brown who both work with top World Cup Officials. John Neilsen, CONCACAF Manager of Assessing and past BC Soccer Referee Instructor was also part of the training session which made for an inspiring and educational environment for all BC Soccer referees.

Leading up to the event, BC Soccer worked with its provincial counterparts, Quebec Soccer Federation and Manitoba Soccer Association, who also had referees attending the tournament, to coordinate the experience. “This year was really exciting because for the first time ever, we had a full Canadian Referee team in a final!” stated Jose Branco. Coming out of the tournament, BC Soccer has strengthened its relationship with Quebec Soccer Federation (QSF) as BC referees have been invited to referee in local matches scheduled by QSF, following their attendance at Canada Soccer’s Provincial Clinic, to be hosted in Quebec this May.

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