BC Soccer provides summary report of third-party "Safe Sport" assessment

Review by Rubin Thomlinson LLP included a wide scope with open and targeted surveys, and one-on-one phone interviews.  

December 20th, 2019 - Vancouver BC

Following February’s publication of a blog containing troubling accounts from within a higher performance team environment, and assertions of systemic cultural behaviours within our sport, BC Soccer’s Board of Directors determined the association must conduct a thorough third-party review focusing on safety in the sport of soccer in our province.

Having retained Rubin Thomlinson LLP as the independent investigators, the process of gathering information began, starting with an open invitation to participate in a wider ranging survey, followed by targeted surveys within the BC Soccer Premier League and Provincial soccer programs, and finally one-on-one interviews of individuals who volunteered to do so.  The procedure also included a full review of the bylaws, rules and policies of BC Soccer.

Rubin Thomlinson LLP led by Marisha Roman, finalized the report on December 19, 2019 and provided it to BC Soccer.

Linked here is the Summary Safe Sport Program Assessment and Policy Analysis Report

Among the recommendations within the report is to share it publicly, which we are pleased to do via this release. We respect that the timing may not be ideal as we all head into the holiday season, however BC Soccer wanted to ensure the report is shared as expediently as possible.   

BC Soccer is committed to ensuring our sport is safe. As the information is digested and reviewed, the full report will be shared and a Safe Sport Action Plan will be released in conjunction with the forthcoming strategic plan for the association, which is targeted to be public in Spring/Summer 2020. 

On behalf of the BC Soccer Board of Directors, staff, and all those involved in our game, we would like to thank Rubin Thomlinson and specifically Marisha Roman for the comprehensiveness of this report, and especially those who provided the valuable feedback that will help ensure our sport is safe now and into the future.   

BC Soccer President, Kjeld Brodsgaard commented, “BC Soccer sincerely empathizes with those who were affected by past behaviours which may have ultimately prevented them from continuing in our sport, either as participants or future mentors, be it coaches or within other leadership roles.  Achieving growth as individuals and as a sport cannot occur without objective observation and thoughtful reflection.   This report, and all the valuable information and feedback within it, will have been conducted in vain if, collectively, steps are not taken to address sport safety concerns.”

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About BC Soccer 
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