BC Soccer Launches Club Charter Program

BC Soccer Appoints Matt Thomas, Regan Mostat and Andrew Latham as Club Charter Leads

Vancouver BC, February 9, 2016 – BC Soccer officially launches their new BC Soccer Club Charter Program and Club Charter Website. Along with the launch of the program and website, BC Soccer would also like to announce the appointment of Matt Thomas, Reagan Mostat and Andrew Latham as Club Charter Leads.  The Club Charter Leads will be helping make all clubs aware of the program and will provide added support to clubs who opt into the BC Soccer club charter program by helping them understand the criteria, and support them through the application process.

“We are very excited to Launch the new BC Soccer Club Charter Program, a program which is open to all BC Soccer member affiliate clubs,” said Roger Barnes, BC Soccer President. “Regardless of size or location, all affiliate member clubs in BC will be able to reach Club Charter Standard One with support from BC Soccer and we encourage all clubs to opt-in.”

BC Soccer’s free Club Charter Program is designed to assist and support members and their affiliated soccer clubs with the objective of providing players, parents, referees and coaches assurance that a charter club is operating and meeting set standards, while also creating a supportive environment for clubs across BC to improve its operation both on and off the field. The BC Soccer Club Charter Program will consist of three progressions with Standard One being available in 2016 and Standard Two and Standard Three being available in 2017 and 2018.  Standard One of the Club Charter Program has been designed to be achievable by all BC Soccer members and their affiliate clubs.  The Program’s criteria will be based on three top line categories being, Technical, Governance, and Administration and to support the clubs in achieving the standards BC Soccer has appointed three Club Charter Leads

“We want to welcome Matt Thomas, Regan Mostat, and Andrew Latham to BC Soccer as Club Charter Leads,” said Jason Elligott, BC Soccer Executive Director. “Each of them brings a wealth of knowledge and experience within soccer and we know they will be very valuable assets to each of the clubs who opt in to the BC Soccer Club Charter Program.”

Matt Thomas is a Master Learning Facilitator and currently holds his UEFA ‘A’ License. Andrew Latham is a Master Learning Facilitator and currently holds his Canada Soccer A National License. Reagan Mostat is a Master Learning Facilitator and currently holds his Canada Soccer B Provincial License.  All three Club Charter Leads also have a significant amount of experience working with clubs in BC and Canada and are valuable resources for clubs who have questions or concerns related to Technical, Administrative or Governance aspects of the game.

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About BC Soccer

BC Soccer is the provincial sport governing body responsible for the promotion and development of the game in British Columbia. It is the largest provincial sport organization (PSO) in BC and the third largest soccer specific PSO in Canada with over 150,000 participants. Our mission is to develop the game by inspiring British Columbians to lifelong active, inclusive and team play. As a professional not-for-profit society, BC Soccer is committed to providing the widest opportunities for our existing and potential participants, as well as provide support in the most effective and appropriate way for current players, parents, volunteers, member clubs, leagues and districts.  We believe in the universal passion of our global game and the power it has to unite and motivate communities.

BC Soccer is comprised of more than 120,000 registered players, over 2,500 registered referees, and thousands of volunteer coaches, administrators and soccer leaders. Working with its member Youth Districts and Adult Leagues as well as their affiliate member clubs, BC Soccer operates under the guiding principles of Professional Leadership, Passionate Service and Progressive Collaboration. In managing its relationships throughout the larger soccer community, BC Soccer will promote the soccer values of authenticity, unity and integrity.