BC Soccer Introduces the redesigned Referee Instructor Program

The Referee Instructors Program is an important component of the overall Referee Development Program and is designed to demonstrate a strong and ongoing commitment to provide Referee education and training for all Referees across British Columbia.

August 4th, 2022 - Vancouver BC

In reviewing the overall Referee Development Program at BC Soccer in 2021/22 by the Soccer Development Department, the Instructors Program has been re-designed to be more transparent in the identification and selection of Instructors as well as continuing to provide the appropriate on-going training and support. The program will also consider the value and importance of on-going evaluations to ensure delivery of the Referee clinics across the province is standardized.

The program is designed to support BC Soccer’s member organizations and affiliated clubs to meet the demand of training Referees in every region and soccer community in BC. In alignment with how BC Soccer supports Coach education through the In-Club Learning Facilitator Program, the same in-club approach has been adopted for the re-designed Referee Instructor Program. The intent is to grow the network of Instructors and have these Instructors connected with a BC Soccer member or affiliated Club as the primary point of contact to support the development of Referees in that area (organization/club).

“In many situations, this position has already been created in the form of a ‘Club Head Referee’. BC Soccer wants to work closely with these individuals and the newly accredited instructors to continue to re-build retention and cultivate strong support systems for new officials”. Kyla Di Perna, Referee Programs Manager, BC Soccer.

To support the successful introduction of this program, the first step is for new/aspiring Instructors to formally complete the application process and educational requirements through the Instructor Accreditation Clinic. All applicants must meet the minimum requirements to enroll in the program with initial training taking place in 2022 on August 27th and 28th.

As part of the application process, aspiring Referee Instructors must have a member or affiliated Club endorse them as an appropriate individual for the program. The endorsement must come from the President or Senior Staff Member of the organization and include a statement advising this individual will be the Referee contact that will be supporting said organization whether that be in a volunteer or paid role. Endorsements can be emailed directly to Hagen Herold, Referee Development Coordinator, with the name of the individual applying to the Instructor Accreditation clinic.

“With the drop-off of Referees over the last couple years, BC Soccer has been exploring ways to help and support. One area of focus is to train more Instructors so that they are ready and available to deliver clinics or training sessions. By connecting these individuals with Clubs, they can provide hands-on support as needed”. Chris Cerroni, Director of Soccer Development, BC Soccer.   

The program document link is shared below, and we ask you share this with any potential individual that you are currently working with or would support in working with your organization.

Referee Instructor Program – click here

Safe Sport Statement

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The welfare of everyone involved in soccer is the foremost consideration and in particular, the protection of children in the sport is the responsibility of everyone involved.

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