BC Soccer Hosts its Third Annual Futsal Festival

University of Fraser Valley Women’s Soccer Team help lead festival activities

Vancouver BC January 5 2016 - BC Soccer concluded their third annual BC Soccer Grassroots Fustal Festival this past Sunday. The University of Fraser Valley Athletic center hosted the festival which saw U9-U12 players and coaches engage in a Fustal specific Festival.

Over the course of the weekend more than 30 coaches and 250 players were involved in the festival. Wednesday night’s pre-festival workshop which was attended by the coaches covered Futsal rules and strategies as well as the festival format; while Saturday and Sunday saw the players and coaches take part in the on court activities.  The BC Soccer Annual Futsal Festival activities are designed to introduce futsal techniques and the basic rules of the game all within a fun and station based format.

Members of the University of Fraser Valley Women’s Soccer team came out and worked with youth players in the various stations while creating and inspiring environment the young players. BC Soccer would like to thank Rob Giesbrecht and all of the team members who came out and make the event such a success.

“We want to thank all of the players, coaches and of course the University of Fraser Valley for all of their help this past weekend,” said Andrew Haines, BC Soccer Grassroots Development Officer and Staff Coach.” Futsal is a great development tool for youth soccer players and having this many participants and coaches taking part in the festival made for a wonderful and educational event.”

To assist with developing coaches, players and the game of futsal BC Soccer Offers Grassroots Festivals grants which are eligible to clubs and districts. Festivals align with the Canada Soccer Long Term Player Development Guidelines and offer a fun and educational environment for U9-U12 players.

BC Soccer Grassroots: Festivals

  • Duration: 2.5hr Pre-Festival Meeting & up to 6 age / gender specific festivals per day (70-90 mins each)
  • BC Soccer Provides: Regional Grassroots Tutors (Instructor), BC Soccer Futsal Coaches eBook, Free event for all involved, Age appropriate Futsal Equipment (If unavailable within the district or club)
  • District/ Club Provides: University, College or High School Gymnasium, Seating for participants, LCD Projector or TV, Power extension cords, Medical kit

Please speak to your club or district about hosting either a festival or applying for the BC Soccer Festival Grant. Festivals requests can be submitted by completing this application form or by speaking with Dan Turvill, 

BC Soccer also offers grants for those members who are interested in hosting a BC Soccer Futsal Festival. For more information on the BC Soccer Futsal Festival Grant please visit:

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