BC Soccer Hosts Annual Referee Assessors and Instructors Symposium at the BC Soccer Provincial A Championships July 6-10

Les Sinnott Memorial B Cup and Girls Provincial B Cup offer mentorship and learning opportunities for all referees taking part

Vancouver BC, July 6, 2015 – The BC Soccer Youth Provincial A Cup will host the Annual Referee Assessors and Instructors Symposium on July 6-10 while the Les Sinnott Memorial B Cup and the Girls Provincial B Cup will host other grassroots referee initiatives including mentorship from referees who are part of the Candidates Program.

 “The size and scope of the Provincial Cups means that referees from all over the province travel to the competitions and this makes for the perfect learning opportunity and environment,” said John Reed, BC Soccer Referee Committee Chair. “The mentorship from those in the Candidates Program as well as the Instructor and Assessor symposium makes for an incredible weekend of the ongoing development for BC Soccer referees”

More than 50 referees and an additional 30 assessor and instructors will take part in this year’s Referee Assessor and Instructor Symposium which will be run in Burnaby at Burnaby Lake West. The symposium is run in conjunction with the BC Soccer Provincial A Cup.  Referees will have educational opportunities during the symposium through classroom and on field sessions as well as the referees are assessed every match. The symposium will also include post-match debriefs similar to those run by Canada Soccer and FIFA at National and International competitions. This year, run along-side the Instructor and Assessor Symposium, each of the BC Soccer Provincial Championships will also hold initiatives that will allow another 85 of BC Soccer’s grassroots referees the opportunity to develop and learn from referees in the Candidates Program as well as other Referee Assessors.

Another important component of the symposium is the opportunity for the instructors and assessors themselves to receive feedback and to develop their instructor and assessor skills. The constant development of the assessors and instructors helps ensure consistency with the development of grassroots referees and helps with consistency amongst all referees.

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