BC Soccer focuses on 3 development topics

Over the last 6-12 months, BC Soccer has increased focus on 3 specific soccer development topics:  Regional Tier 3 Adult League, Club Charter and the EA Sports BC Soccer Premier League governance and structure.  BC Soccer commissioned two external consulting reports on the latter two topics which the Association is seeking comments and feedback from the membership, general public and stakeholders in the game.

Vancouver BC, May 22, 2015 – Over the past three years BC Soccer has been very pleased to deliver against a number of the targeted objectives within its 2012-2015 Strategic Plan which has been the guiding document for the association during this time. “As we continue to work against our Plan, with a view to 2016 and beyond, the board identified these three soccer development topics as a focus,” said Roger Barnes, BC Soccer President.  “We have lofty goals for BC Soccer and want to continue to ensure we are gathering feedback along the way.”

“All three of these topics are important components to the soccer community’s landscape in BC,” said Jason Elligott, BC Soccer Acting Executive Director.  “This is why we are reaching out to the soccer community for comments and feedback.”

Regional Tier 3 Adult League

The BC Soccer board formed a committee to investigate the potential for a Regional Tier 3 Adult League.  This committee over the last 12 months has been gathering information, feedback and researching other similar leagues / environments, within Canada and Washington, who offer this semi-professional level of play.

BC Soccer is currently in the information gathering stage and not seeking wider comments and feedback, however is very pleased to be able to provide an update to the Adult League membership on this topic at the June 2015 Annual General Meeting.

Club Charter

With a vision to place greater structure around the development of BC soccer affiliate clubs and the associated developmental services BC Soccer offers to members, in early 2015 the BC Soccer board commissioned a third party sport and soccer specific consultant (Capitis Consulting) to investigate the viability and sensibility of establishing a Club Charter for BC Soccer.

Overall, a club charter program assists clubs to meet technical, governance, and administrative standards and recognizes them in doing so. A club charter program provides many benefits, including: a structured framework for clubs to work within (which is supported by BC Soccer); an environment that allows for the sharing of good practices in club development, governance and administrative services; guidance to proactively address social, legal and cultural trends; and supports to build a better and stronger soccer structure for BC Soccer.  

BC Soccer is currently seeking general comments and feedback from the entire membership, public and stakeholders of our beautiful game on the topic of implementing a Club Charter and the Capitis Consulting report titled “Assessment & Recommendations for a BC Soccer Club Charter” which you can view HERE.

Please provide any comments and feedback by June 11, 2015 on this to

The EA Sports BC Soccer Premier League governance and structure

To complement the two year Technical Review which was completed and released in 2014 (click here to view), the BC Soccer board commissioned an external third party sport and soccer specific consultant (Capitis Consulting) to review the governance and structure of the EA SPORTS BC Soccer Premier League.  

The recommendations within the report are currently being reviewed and considered by the BC Soccer board of directors.  BC Soccer has not taken a position on the report, analysis or recommendations yet and may agree or disagree with aspects of it.  The board will only decide how to proceed after reviewing the comments and feedback that BC Soccer is in the process of gathering.

BC Soccer is circulating this external report to be open, and prompt member feedback and comment to help develop programs moving forward.

To view more information on this topic, the Capitis Consulting report titled “A Governance & Structural Review of BC Soccer Premier League” and to provide BC Soccer with any comments and feedback on the report, please click here.

About BC Soccer

BC Soccer is the provincial sport governing body responsible for the promotion and development of the game in British Columbia. The professional not-for-profit society is committed to developing the game by inspiring British Columbians to lifelong active, inclusive and team play. Its vision is to pursue Canada’s foremost integrated soccer development system built upon club, school, varsity and professional team excellence.

BC Soccer is comprised of 150 member Clubs, Districts and Leagues, spanning more than 120,000 registered players, over 2,500 referees, and thousands of coaches and other volunteer administrators and soccer leaders. Working with these member Clubs, Districts and Leagues, BC Soccer will operate under the guiding principles of Professional Leadership, Passionate Service and Progressive Collaboration. In managing its relationships throughout the larger soccer community, BC Soccer will promote the integral soccer values of authenticity, unity and integrity.