BC Soccer Continues to take a Stronger Stance Against Youth Abuse in Soccer

Discipline Policy covers specific offenses against youths

Vancouver BC September 13, 2016 – BC Soccer believe that all youths deserve their every protection.  To help ensure this protection, BC Soccer has created a series of offenses in their Discipline Policy (Conduct, Ethics, and Discipline Standards and Policy) which are specific to address that of youth abuse.  

“The safety of youth is of utmost importance for BC Soccer and to help protect youth participating in soccer both mentally and physically, BC Soccer has a series of offences that are specific to youth abuse, “said Aiman El-Ramly, BC Soccer Discipline Committee Chair. “Every year there are numerous youth players and officials who stop participating in soccer because adults are unable to refrain from abusive behavior; the misconduct is not acceptable, nor can it be excused.”

The additions specific to Youth Abuse that are in the BC Soccer Discipline Policy mean that any sanctions that result from youth player or official abuse may be accompanied by fines and bond requirements for the associated team, club and/or organization.  BC Soccer has made it an obligation for leagues and districts to forward on cases of youth abuse to BC Soccer to determine how the hearings will be handled and by whom.

“We are looking to severely cut out any form of dissent, offensive or abusive language and/or gestures from adults toward youth players and officials,” continued El-Ramly.  “There truly is no justification for this type of behavior from adults, especially directed at youth; not for a missed call, losing a game, or anything else.”

 BC Soccer hopes actions are reported whether they are found on social media, are witness accounts, or complaints brought forth by the League, District, club or parents.  BC Soccer will be holding clubs and districts accountable for the behavior of their teams, club officials, team officials and spectators in regards to youth abuse.

To see the updated BC Soccer Discipline Policy and Procedures along with the sanctioning Guidelines documents please CLICK HERE

About BC Soccer

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