B Pretest will be phased out in 2018 and C License Delivery in Nanaimo

Vancouver BC August 30, 2017– The B Pretest Coaching Course not recognized as of 2018:  The B Pretest Coaching Course was phased out by Canada Soccer in 2016 and was replaced by the new C License Coaching Course. BC Soccer is pleased to have deleivered a C License Coaching Course in Nanaimo.

The 2-year transition window from 2016-December 2017 gave coaches the ability to pursue and obtain the respective certification level they required or wanted for their coaching careers.  As of 2018, the B Pretest will no longer be recognized as a coaching designation and it will not be a pre-requisite within the Canada Soccer Coaching Pathway. The C License Coaching Course is a Canada Soccer initiative that is being implemented in all regions of the country and has replaced the B Pretest.

BC Soccer Learning Facilitators; Andrew Latham, Dom Butcher, and BC Soccer Manager of Coaching Development Rob Csabai led two weekends of the four-day C License Coaching Course (which replaces the old B Pretest) recently in Nanaimo. Twenty-two coaches took part in the course which is designed and targeted at those coaches who are looking to move into the Licensing Stream within the Canada Soccer / BC Soccer Coaching Pathway.

“We are pleased to have such a strong interest from coaches for this level of course and the host club Harbour City FC in Nanaimo, provided a fantastic venue”, said Rob Csabai, Manager of Coaching Development.  “The C License is designed for coaches who want to deepen their knowledge of coaching and challenge themselves to be formally evaluated on the advanced content. Futhermore, the C License is also the first step within the Licensing Stream of coaching within BC and Canada.”

For more information on the C License coaching course and the entire coaching pathway please visit:

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