Member Grants

This page has been developed to provide awareness to member associations and their affiliated clubs / teams on potential grants which they may wish to apply for.

BC Soccer's compiled list of Grants that the Membership can apply for: HERE

ViaSport Grants

ViaSport administers sport-related grant programs funded by the government of BC that encourage sport participation and healthy living, develop high-performance athletes and improve delivery of sport and recreation programs to benefit all residents.

CLICK HERE for a detailing listing of available grants, along with application forms

CLICK HERE for additional funding opportunities available, along with application forms

Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity (CAAWS)

CLICK HERE to apply for a CAAWS Grant

BC Soccer Grassroots Festival Grant Program

In addition to providing free support with: preparation, on-field training, and the delivery of each festival; BC Soccer is also pleased to be able to offer a specialized grant program for each grassroots festivals.

The Grassroots Festival Grant program is designed to help the BC Soccer membership acquire or update necessary festival equipment which can later be used to enhance small sided programs.

To submit a Grassroots Festival Grant please complete the form below (mobile version CLICK HERE)

Note: please be aware that there are hosting requirements outline here - Click here for Co-hosting facility and equipment requirements

  • Review the link about co-hosting requirements above
  • Facility booking details for classroom and field components
  • General information about participating groups
  • Contact details for local organizing committee (alternate contact person + district /club chairperson)