Good Practice Guides

Our member organizations are the heart of soccer in BC and we are working hard to support these organizations on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. One of the ways we are providing this support is by offering relevant tools and best practice guidelines aimed to not only strengthen the quality of their organization, but to invest time and resources to bring a ready-made solution to our members.  

Ultimately our goal is to promote continued and sustainable soccer and community development and overall growth for our game in every region of British Columbia.   In order to achieve this goal we must ensure all partners are working in collective harmony while also embracing BC Soccer’s Mission: To govern, promote and develop the game of soccer in British Columbia in a professional and progressive manner.

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Concussion Management

Player Safety is of utmost importance and BC Soccer has put together this Health and Fitness page to help  coaches, parents, and players find educational health and fitness resources. The following resources are also geared to help coaches as they work toward finding the most fun, efficient, and effective training environment for their teams.

Concussion Management

Memebership Responsibilities for Concussions/Head Injuries
Adhere to the BC Soccer Concussion Policy

Return to Play

A typical RTP process will be made up of 6 steps. There must be a minimum of 24 hours before each step is assessed although this could be considerably longer than 24 hours. Oversight should be provided by a medical professional. CLICK HERE to view the 6 step process

Membership Recommendations

1. Ensure coaches complete the NCCP Making Headway program.
2. Inform Parents and Players of their role in monitoring an athlete following any suspected injury
3. Distribute the SCAT 3 download with Coaches at the start of each season and make available at the Club website for Coaches, Parents and Players.
4. Encourage all to download the SCAT3 app to your mobile device

Below are resources that BC Soccer has compiled to help educate and empower players, coaches and clubs.


Canada Soccer Concussion Guidelines

Star Support for New Health Program
FIFA 11+ Benefits
11+ and Female Injuries
A Health Kick for Women
Performance Point Cardiac Screening
CATT  - Concussion Awareness Training Tool
NCCP Making Headway Course
FIFA 11+
Nutrition Guidelines for Sporting Events
F-Mark Nutrition
Health and Fitness for the Female Player
Emergency Manual
SCAT3 - Sport Concussion Assessment Tool 3
SCAT3 – Sport Concussion Assessment Tool Child
Pocket Concussion Recognition Tool


Injury Report Form
Medical History Form

Constitution and Bylaws templates and user guides


To assist all BC Soccer Youth District (and their affiliate soccer clubs) and Adult League Members, BC Soccer is pleased to provide a Constitution and Bylaw Template and User Guide for the Youth Districts and Adult Leagues and also a Template and User Guide for Soccer Clubs.     

These templates, which were developed in conjunction with BC Soccer’s legal partner Alexander Holburn Beaudin and Lang LLP, are designed to assist member organizations, regardless of the level (i.e. club, district, league, etc.) in drafting their Constitution and Bylaws.  The wording within the documents are chosen specifically to meet the criteria of the British Columbia Society Act while reflecting all levels of governance, including the rules, policies and bylaws of the BC Soccer Association and the higher governing bodies (i.e. Canadian Soccer Association and FIFA).

Youth District and Adult League - Constitution and Bylaw Template

Youth District and Adult League - Constitution and Bylaw User Guide

Soccer Club - Constitution and Bylaw Template

Soccer Club - Constitution and Bylaw User Guide

Privacy Policy

Clubs, Leagues and Districts may not be aware of the importance of having a privacy policy and personal information handling practices and hence BC Soccer is committed to raising awareness in this area.  BC Soccer wishes to ensure our membership is aware of the responsibilities associated with the collecting, storing and accessing of personal information.  Member organizations handle personal information regularly to support the procedures to govern and administer soccer (i.e. registration of players, discipline information, player card generation, etc.).  There are a number of benefits to having an appropriate privacy policy in place: demonstrating compliance with current legislation, good governance, protection of individuals’ personal information, and protection of the organization itself and the individuals elected to run it.  

BC Soccer strongly encourages all of our member organizations to create a relevant privacy policy and personal information handling procedures for its organization.  

BC Soccer Privacy Policy

Guidance for hiring paid coaches

BC Soccer as the body responsible for promoting the game of soccer in the Province is eager to provide guidance on issues common amongst our membership. One such issue is the practice of members hiring and paying coaches. We have set out a summary of the position of the BC Soccer on the matter of paid coaches and an outline of the issues to be considered by members when hiring paid coaches.

Click here to view our "Guidance for hiring paid coaches" document.  Updated February 2015.

The Educated Parent

BC Soccer - "The Educated Parent", a user friendly guide for every soccer parent.

BC Soccer - "The Educated Parent" - PUNJABI translation, a user friendly guide for every soccer parent.

Respect in Sport Soccer Parent E-Learning Course

BC Soccer is pleased present the Respect in Sport Parent Education Program.  
Respect in Sport, Canada's only interactive, online certification program to protect our youth and enhance an organization's mandate for safe, fun and respectful environments for all. Respect in Sport was developed as a grassroots online tool so sport and community organizations can deliver on their commitment to creating a safer environment for all participants; coaches, managers, trainers, administration and volunteers and even parents!
The fee for this user friendly 1 hour online course is $12, collected by Respect in Sport.

Parent Code of Conduct

BC Soccer - "Parent Code of Conduct", a BC Soccer resources document for our members.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure document template

A director has a conflict of interest when he or she has personal interest which interferes (or may be perceived as interfering) with the duty of the organization
– Direct or indirect
– Pecuniary or non-pecuniary

Requirements of sections 27 and 28 of Society Act
– Identify conflict
– Disclose existence of conflict to all directors
– Do not vote on a decision
– These are the minimum standards that must be taken (to protect the Director)

Based on the above, BC Soccer has created this Conflict of Interest template which is a modified version of the disclosure statement used annually by BC Soccer Directors, Officers and Volunteers.   This template is designed to assist member organizations, regardless of the level (i.e. club, district, league, etc.) to use as they see fit.  

Further, the template has been developed with the BC Societies Act in mind and fulfills the requirements for individuals to identify and disclose any conflict of interest to the organization(s) they are working and/or volunteering with.  It also, encourages organizations to include any specific bylaw/policy they may have that further addresses conflict of interest.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure document template

Social Media Guidelines

BC Soccer's Social Media Policy

Board Communication & Confidentiatlity Protocol template document

As a tool for practicing good governance, the Board Communication & Confidentiality Protocol template is provided to assist Youth District/Adult League/Club boards in agreeing to have open, candid discussions/debate necessary for good-decision making whilst ensuring the conversations and/or information is kept confidential.

Board Communication & Confidentiality Protocol template document

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