Female Coaching Framework

BC Soccer announced in March 2021 its new Female Coaching Framework which is a key objective of the 2024 strategic plan. The framework is designed to support female coaches with the aim to increase the number of female coaches at all levels and improve their ongoing development. BC Soccer is committed to creating opportunities for women to develop their leadership skills. This framework has three components including the Female Coach Mentorship Program, the creation of a Female Development Lead position within the Soccer Development Department along with offering and hosting Female Only Participant and Female Led Community Stream coaching courses, once the BC Health Authority eases restrictions allow courses to be offered.

The Female Coach Mentorship Program is aimed at recruiting and supporting aspiring female coaches by on-going developmental support through a Female Development Lead (mentor) as well as providing free access onto Canada Soccer’s ‘C’ License course. BC Soccer is committed to help build confidence in coaches, enhance their competence, and encourage their ongoing contribution to the game as valued leaders in their soccer communities.

For more information about the program in please see: BC Soccer's Female Coach Mentorship Manual.

Mentee Application Process

BC Soccer will seek to accept an annually predetermined number of mentees for the Female Coach Mentorship Program with interested candidates needing to meet the following minimum criteria to apply:
- Women must be aged 19 years or older.
- Minimum 3 years of previous coaching experience.
- Active coaching (minimum 6 months per year).
- Must be coaching a team during the program.
- Submit a valid Criminal Record Check.

The 2021 application process for the Female Mentorship Program is now closed. Applications will re-open in 2022.


On June 8, 2021 BC Soccer announced the appointment of Chelsey Hannesson and Melissa Mobilio as BC Soccer Female Development Leads to support the delivery of the Female Coaching Framework.

Chelsey Hannesson is the Assistant Technical Director with Langley United Youth Soccer Association while also being directly involved in coach education with CONCACAF and Canada Soccer. In her role with BC Soccer, Chelsey will be the lead mentor for the Female Mentorship Program where her knowledge and experience will benefit the female coaches (mentees) in obtaining their coaching ‘C’ license designation while providing a holistic approach to support their overall coaching and career development. Chelsey will also be an important component of the female-led and female-only community coaching courses as a Learning Facilitator.

Melissa Mobilio has and continues to be an active coach with Coquitlam Metro Ford Soccer Club. In her role with BC Soccer, she will also be a Learning Facilitator to deliver the female-led and female-only community coaching courses, however, her primary focus will be supporting the development, introduction, and delivery of BC Soccer’s Disability Soccer Diploma. Melissa’s academic background in learning disabilities, as well as practical experience delivering adaptive soccer programming, make her ideal to support BC Soccer as we work to create positive soccer experiences for all. The diploma will be designed to support coaches and program leads who coach players with disabilities.

We are very excited to have both Chelsey and Melissa joining the Soccer Development Department to not only play key roles with the implementation of the female coaching framework but also utilize their skillsets in both coach education and player development.


BC Soccer’s objective is to provide a service that contributes to increasing the number of female coaches across the province by way of promoting regional female only Community Stream coaching courses once the BC Health Authority eases restrictions allow courses to be offered.

If you are a female coach over the age of 16 and are interested in taking a Community Stream coaching course delivered in a female only coaching environment, then please register your interest with us.  This will help us determine the overall interest level and the locations where we may be able to provide this service to female coaches in the future.

To register your interest, please click here: Female Only Community Stream Coaching Course