Documents & Forms

Travel & Tournament Documents & Forms

Application to Travel Out-of-Province

BCSPL Application to Travel Out-of-Province

Tournament Sanctioning Application Form (For organizations affiliated with BC Soccer)

*NEW* Player Participation Request Form


Event Permit Form - For organizations who are not affiliated with BC Soccer who wish to host a tournament or event. 

Adult League Permit Application Form- Adult leagues established to operate a non-competitive league. 


  • Access to BC Soccer Registered Referees
  • Ability to apply for tournament sanctioning
  • Insurance
  • Ability to register participants
  • Ability to request/host BC Soccer Coaching and Referee Clinics
  • BC Soccer Communication

Trying to identify if your organization should apply for a permit or membership? Take this eligibility quiz.


Short Term Event Player Permits (Member and Affiliate Club Use Only)

BC Soccer Short Term Event Player Permit Request Form - FOR TOURNAMENTS/EVENTS

BC Soccer Short Term Event Player Permit Request Form - FOR EXHIBITION MATCHES

Player Documents & Forms

Adult League Player Transfer Form (Adult to Adult)

Youth Player Transfer Form (Youth to Youth)

Youth Player Transfer Form (Youth to Adult)

Player Permit Form (Youth to Adult)

Player Permit Form (Adult to Youth - for youth-aged players registered in Adult Leagues)

Parental Liability Acknowledgement Form

Adult Reinstatement to Amateur Form

Provincial Transfer Application

Reinstatement to Youth

Canada Soccer ITCs and Minor Player Application Guide (Application Form within)

Playing Up and Down Form

Referee Documents & Forms

Match Tracking Log

Referee Clinic Tracking Log

Referee Mentorship Form

Referee Application to Officiate Out-of-Province

Referee Provincial Transfer Form

Provincial Cup Documents & Forms

Official Match Report

Player Pick-up Request Form

Provincial Cup Team Declaring Up Form (for Coastal and Lower Mainland teams declaring up to A or Premier Cup from a lower level)

Interior Play Downs Team Declaration Form

Provincial Premier Cup Player Permit Form

Membership Application and Renewal Forms

Full Member Application

Associate Member Application

For more information on membership, please visit our "Becoming a Member" page.

Registration Forms

Participant Waiver, Youth

Participant Waiver, Adult

Player & Team Official Registration Templates - EXCEL FORMAT

Player & Team Official Registration Templates - CSV FORMAT

BC Soccer CRM User Guide - Registration Data Submission

Youth Inter District League Application Form

Youth Inter District League RENEWAL Form

Adult Coastal

For more information on BC Soccer's Rules and Regulations, including the Player Registration Policy Manual, please visit our "Bylaws, Rules, Regulations and Policies" page.