BC Soccer has been developing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system as a direct result of the association’s need to improve the overall effectiveness in managing/support our members and their affiliates, while also ensuring we streamline efficiencies for increased quality and accuracy of information/data.

The ultimate goal is to improve and ease the process for submitting and approving BC Soccer forms (all forms), by moving them to an online environment.  When this phase of the system is developed, individuals will be able to complete forms online and have automatic notifications to identified individuals for appropriate online approvals.  It will eliminate the need for printing, physically signing and scanning of BC Soccer forms.  The whole process will be managed completely online.  Overall this will improve the speed of service, with more accurate information, all while improving BC Soccer and member operational efficiency. This is where the membership, their affiliates and the wider soccer community will really recieve the value and benefits with the CRM.

In order for BC Soccer to be able to achieve online form management, we must first have appropriate data/information in the system.

The submission of participant registration data from the full member associations (Youth Districts and Adult Leagues) are currently being completed via the CRM.

Only specific individuals from within each full member association has access to and can log into the CRM.

Full Member Registrar User Guide

Access the CRM and login HERE

BC Soccer looks forward to introducing new developments within the system and their implementation to provide a more consistent and coordinated approach to core member services.

Thank you to the membership for their continued support of this initiative.

CRM Tutorials

Below are some tutorials to help with the uploading of registration data.  Please watch the videos before reaching out with questions as they cover most of the issues that arise. If you are still having problems uploading your data please contact BC Soccer's Member Services Coordinator Ryan McQuillan at

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Find and Replace

Text to Columns

CRM Compliance