Committees & Board Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors

BC Soccer has 14 Board of Directors who are elected by the BC Soccer membership at the Annual General Meetings. There are a number of specific positions defined amongst the Board including President, First Vice President, Vice President Youth, Vice President Adult, and Vice President Finance.

There are a number of responsibilities that BC Soccer’s non-profit board of directors have in their roles which include but are not limited to, determining the mission and monitoring focus of the organization, setting governance policies, ensuring adequate planning for both strategic and annual operation plan, ensuring appropriate resources are in place to meet needs of the organization and working with the Executive Director and the association staff to deliver against its objectives. Directors will also be designated to be part of the various standing and operational committees

Board of Directors meetings are held approximately every 6 weeks (scroll to the bottom of the page to view Board Meeting minutes).

BC Soccer Committee

BC Soccer’s decision-making processes are supported by both Standing and Operational Committees.

For more information on the Committee Operating Principles and Composition Structure – CLICK HERE

Linked below are the individual Committee Terms of Reference which also contain a listing of the committee members for the current year's cycle.

Standing Committees

Finance and Audit - 2021-2022 Terms of Reference

Governance and Membership - 2021-2022 Terms of Reference

Nominations - 2021-2022 Terms of Reference

Risk Management - 2021-2022 Terms of Reference

Operational Committees

Competitions Committee - 2021-2022 Terms of Reference

Soccer Development Committee - 2021-2022 Terms of Reference


BC Soccer also receives inquiries regarding the Judicial and Disciplinary decision-making process, which are independent from BC Soccer Board and Staff Members. CLICK HERE for more information on the Judicial Structure and Composition.

BC Soccer Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes 2021