Referee Programs & Becoming a Referee

The Referee programming provided by BC Soccer is designed to support the membership with attracting, retaining and developing  Referees across the Province.

BC Soccer recognizes the importance of helping referees develop as they move along the Referee Pathway.  Through the various referee programs listed below, referees of all levels and abilities can receive the education and mentorship required to support their individual development along the pathway.

Thank you for inquiring about becoming a Registered Referee with BC Soccer.  Whether you are an experienced referee new to British Columbia or if you are new to the discipline of refereeing, BC Soccer has a clinic and a pathway for you.  The minimum age to become a referee is 12 years old by March 31st of the current year (Small Sided) or 14 years old by March 31st of the current year(Entry Level). Please enjoy the short video showcasing some Referee programs that BC Soccer offers and continue below for more on how to become a referee in BC!

For those who are 12 years of age or older by March 31st of the current year and are interested in officiating Small Sided soccer, the first step is to enroll and complete a Small Sided Referee Clinic.

For those who are 14 years of age or older by March 31st of the current year and are interested in officiating full field soccer, is to enroll and complete an Entry Level Referee Clinic.

For more information and to register for a clinic, please visit our "Referee Clinic" page.

The Referee Pathway highlights two streams at the provincial level comprised of the Community and Performance Pathways. Each pathway contains within it their respective grades as they relate to various criteria and requirements of the specified grade. The Referee Pathway was developed to highlight classifications and clear direction for officials who aspire to attain their own personal officiating career goals. The National and FIFA streams are supported through Canada Soccer.
The purpose and objectives of the BC Soccer Referee Grading Protocol are to:

1. Better support referees and referee assigner to ensure referees are being placed in the best environment for their level and ability.

2. Provide effective tools for identifying Referees for Clubs, Districts, Assignors and members of the Development Support Team.

3. Define the requirements for upgrading and maintenance of each grade.

4. Standardize assigning across the province.

Click here for more information on the Referee Grading Protocol and Pathway.

The Provincial Program for Referees, builds on the previous PREP program and is designed to bring together identified Referees from the Regional and Provincial classification streams into the performance training and game environments. The program’s focus is to support each Referee’s development while also creating an overall environment that allows scouting opportunities for the BC Soccer Provincial Upgrading and National Nominations with Canada Soccer.
The Referee Upgrade Program is designed to identify, educate, and develop Referees who seek promotion to Regional and Provincial classification in British Columbia.

Click here for more information on the Referee Upgrade Program

Upgrade Application Requirement Overview
All documentation submissions for the Entry Phase of the Regional and Provincial Upgrading program are completed online via Google Forms which is provided in a link above. Please review the following instructions to submit your application. Please note: failure to submit documentation following the outlined format may be subject to re-submission.

Prepare Game Log
1. Download ‘Application Game Log’ provided spreadsheet online.
2. Fill in all applicable fields listed on the sheet.
3. Save the document as an excel document using the following nomenclature:
LAST NAME, FIRST NAME - Game Log. EXAMPLE: “Smith, John - Game Log”.

Prepare Assessment
1. Login to your RefCentre account.
2. On the main screen, drag your cursor over the “ASSESSMENTS” tab and select
3. “ASSESSMENTS” from the options that appear. Select the assessment that you wish to submit and click “PDF” within the same row. This will produce a PDF document for you to submit.
4. Save the document as LAST NAME, FIRST NAME - Assessment. EXAMPLE: “Smith, John - Assessment”. Please ensure that the assessment meets the criteria listed above in the Assessment Requirements.

Submit Documents
1. Once you have all document to support a successful application, please visit the application link above to submit.

If you meet the above requirements and want to register your interest to be a part of the Regional or Provincial Upgrade Program, Click here.

Assessment Program

The Assessment of officials is based on the practical education of officials in game situations. It allows officials to gain firsthand information from experienced assessors, allowing them to continue to develop and improve their performance.

The Referee Assessor Program is a key component of BC Soccer’s commitment to providing assessor education training and development for all Assessors across British Columbia. This program is aimed to support BC Soccer's member organizations and its affiliate clubs to meet the demand of training Assessors across the province in every region and soccer community.

For more information on this Program, click here.

Instructor Program

The Referee Instructors Program is an important component of the overall Referee Development Program and is designed to demonstrate a strong and ongoing commitment to provide Referee education and training for all Referees across British Columbia.

The program is designed to support BC Soccer’s member organizations and affiliated clubs to meet the demand of training Referees in every region and soccer community in BC. In alignment with how BC Soccer supports Coach education through the In-Club Learning Facilitator Program, the same in-club approach has been adopted for the re-designed Referee Instructor Program. The intent is to grow the network of Instructors and have these Instructors connected with a BC Soccer member or affiliated Club as the primary point of contact to support the development of Referees in that area (organization/club).

For more information on this Program, click here.